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Councillor Code of Conduct and Councillor Charter
Adopted by Council on 21 February 2017

Councillors are bound by the Local Government Act 1989 and a Councillor Code of Conduct and Councillor Charter which is required to be reviewed and adopted by Council within six months following a Council election.  In accordance with the Local  Government Act 1989, Council reviewed and adopted its Code of Conduct and Charter on 21 February 2017.

Section 76C(2) of the Act requires Council to review its Code of Conduct within four (4) months of a general election and to call a special meeting to approve the reviewed document.

The Councillor Code of Conduct and Councillor Charter 2017 clarifies what constitutes a complaint, ensuring that issues relating to suspected corruption or protected disclosures are dealt with through other procedures as required under other legislation. It also aims to standardise the initial internal procedure for all complaints.

It sets out the professional standards that Councillors will attain at all times. It is an expression of intent about how our Councillors will achieve the highest levels of good governance, so that all aspects of the Local Government Act 1989  are met, together with maintaining public confidence in the integrity of Mansfield Shire Council.

Internal Resolution Procedures for responding to complaints of alleged breaches of this Code, along with a procedure for dealing with other matters of dispute between Councillors, are outlined in this Part 2.

The Councillor Code of Conduct and Councillor Charter 2017, adopted by Council at its Special meeting of  21 February 2017 and signed by the Mansfield Shire Council Councillors, complements existing accountability requirements for local government.