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Access and Inclusion

Mansfield Shire Councils Access and Inclusion Charter

The Mansfield Shire Access and Inclusion Charter is a set of principles, goals and responsibilities that outlines the way in which Council commits to work in order to remove barriers and provide equity of access to Council services, facilities and employment for all community members.

The Mansfield Shire community is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and abilities. Each person has the inherent right to be heard, to participate, to be respected and to have the same opportunities as others. Some community members face barriers to physical access, information and communication as a result of a disability, whilst others may experience cultural or language barriers.

The Access and Inclusion Charter is based on key documents that recognise the rights of all people. These documents include: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948); The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability (2006); The Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992; The Victorian Equal Opportunity Act
1995; The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 and The Victorian Disability Act 2006.

The Access and Inclusion Charter was adopted by Council in December 2011. By adopting this Charter, Council is acknowledging its commitment to compliance with all of the key documents, together with its commitment to ensuring that its services, facilities andplanning strategies are inclusive and accessible to all.

Mansfield Shire Council Access and Inclusion Charter

Access and Inclusions Charter Action Plan

The Access and Inclusion Charter guides the development of an annually updated Access and Inclusion Action Plan, which includes strategies to improve access and inclusion and is linked to the Council Plan, the Municipal PublicHealth and Wellbeing Plan and other strategic documents.

Responsibility for implementation of the action plan is across the whole organisation in order to achieve a ‘whole of Council’, ‘whole of community’ approach to addressing accessibility and inclusion issues.

The Access and Inclusion Charter Action Plan meets Councils requirements under the Disability Act to develop a Disability Action Plan and report annually on its implementation. 

Section 38 of The Act states:  A public sector body must ensure that a Disability Action Plan is prepared for the purpose of:
(a) reducing barriers to persons with a disability accessing goods, services and facilities;
(b) reducing barriers to persons with a disability obtaining and maintaining employment;
(c) promoting inclusion and participation in the community of persons with a disability;
(d) achieving tangible changes in attitudes and practices which discriminate against persons with a disability.

Access and Inclusion Charter Action Plan 2012-2016

Rural Access

The Rural Access initiative aims to increase the participation of people with disabilities in their local communities. It is a partnership between the Department of Human Services and local government across Victoria.

Rural Access takes a commnity development approach, working in partnership with the community to increase inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in the life of their local community.  The Rural Access Officer assists the community to plan and develop strategies to improve access and inclusion across the full range of community infrastructure including education and training, transport, health, accommodation and housing, physical access planning, sport, recreation and the arts.

For further information please phone the RuralAccess Project Officer (03) 5775 8555.