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Community Planning
Community Planning: What is it?

The most important aspect of community planning is that it brings people together. By uniting neighbours and neighbourhoods, communities are strengthened and great things can happen...!

Through the community planning process, communites identify who they are, the things that are important to them in their town or locality and how they would like their future to look.

Visions are created and lots of fabulous ideas for the future of the community collected; those ideas that the community most believe in and want to be involved in are formed into an action.

The visions, community profile, priorities and actions are noted in the community plan which belongs to the community.

…It’s about identifying the things that your community believes will make it a happier, healthier, stronger community and a better place to live.

These plans help Council and other government bodies by clearly telling them what is most important to each community.

The principles of community planning are drawn from the Mansfield Shire Community Development Charter which can be downloaded at: http://www.mansfield.vic.gov.au/councilservices/communityservices/communitydevelopment.aspx

Community Planning: How will it happen?

Community members will have the opportunity to:
  • Understand better your community's identity
  • Create visions of the future
  • Share all those wonderful ideas and dreams that locals have for their community
  • Create projects and ideas that will bring the vision to life and strengthen the community
  • Prioritise the ideas and projects and form into the community plan
  • Get involved in working groups to make the plan a reality - you'll get to meet new people and have fun along the way - community planning is very social!
  • Attend training workshops and develop some of the skills needed to make the plan a success
    Council will:
    • Work with community members to organise a community planning workshop in your town or locality.
    • Guide and support community members in the development, implementation and review of a community plan.
    • Organise training opportunities to boost communities' skills and capacities.
    Who to contact...

    Community Development Unit
    Mansfield Shire Council

    Phone: 5775 8555.

    Kirsten Lingard. Email: kirsten.lingard@mansfield.vic.gov.au
    Sue Arndt. Email: sue.arndt@mansfield.vic.gov.au

    Community planning is supported by Mansfield Shire Council, the Mansfield and District Community Bank and the Victorian Government through the provision of a Victorian Community Support Grant.

    Community Plans for townships in Mansfield Shire

    To read more about the community planning process in different towns throughout the shire, visit the 'Towns and Localities' page by clicking here.

    Finalised community plans can also be downloaded below.

     The Mansfield Community Plan will be developed during early 2013. This plan will have a 'social' focus and will aim to build the networks and connections and improve opportunities for involvement and access to information.

     If you are a resident of Mansfield, please take 5 minutes to complete the survey below:

     Mansfield Community Plan Survey

     The survey closes on Friday 13 March.