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Images of a Fire Ready Community

The Images of a Fire Ready Community project will get underway on 1 February with residents invited to be involved in taking photos of things that contribute to lowering the risk of fire in our homes, community or environment.

During February, three buckets carrying a camera, instructions and log book will be passed randomly around the community. People who are handed a bucket are asked to take a photo, fill in the log book then hand the bucket on to someone else. It will be interesting to see the journey the buckets take!

Photos could be of things being done around the property such as mowing and slashing fire breaks, water supplies, emergency plans and kits and many other activities. Photos could also be of ways to receive information (eg Fire Danger Rating boards, phone apps, websites, flyers) or even ways to keep animals safe. There are many ideas out there.

In March, the cameras will be returned to Council and the photos uploaded with 20 images being chosen for an exhibition that will run from 27 March to 13 April at the Delatite Hotel.

The exhibition will be opened on Monday 26 March, 5pm at the Delatite Hotel with all involved invited to attend.

The Images of a Fire Ready Community project is funded through CFA Summer Local Initiatives funding and aims to build awareness of the importance of being fire ready and the many initiatives that can make all the difference.

For more information about the project, contact Sue Arndt Hare at Mansfield Shire Council on 5775 8558 or by email on sue.arndt@mansfield.vic.gov.au

For more information about the project and details on what to do if you are handed a bucket, click on this link here