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Waste Management
Carry In, Carry Out

A community education program was introduced in July 2016 with the aim of reducing the amount of waste generated by the camping community generally.

The 'Carry In, Carry Out' initiative was introduced to educate our visitors about the importance of taking their waste with them when they leave our municipality.

New signage was erected in popular locations across the Shire, and Council's Resource Recovery Centre operates at extended hours of peak holiday seasons to encourage campers and non-campers to dispose of their waste thoughtfully.

Domestic Waste
A weekly domestic garbage collection services is provided to accessible properties within the municipality. The following garbage bin sizes are available for rate payers to choose from, incurring an associated annual waste charge determined by the bin size and service provided:

Waste bins (red lids) :
  • 240 litre - $478.66
  • 120 litre - $286.51
  • 80 litre -   $161.58

Domestic Recycling Collection
Kerbside recycling collection occurs once a fortnight to properties within the townships of Mansfield, Bonnie Doon, Goughs Bay, Jamieson, Sawmill Settlement, Maindample, Howqua, Tolmie, Barwite, Kevington and Macs Cove.

The recycling collection is co-mingled, meaning all recyclable items are deposited together into the yellow lidded bins and sorted by the contractor.

An extended range of items can now be recycled including milk and juice cartons, cardboard boxes, all paper material, plastic bottles and containers with codes 1 through to 7 inclusive, plastic plant pots, aluminium and steel cans, aerosols, foil containers and glass bottles and jars.

Recycle bin (yellow lid):

  •   240 litre - $184.49
  •   Additional 240 litre  -  $143.41

Community Waste Charge - $113.46
The community waste charge is an annual charge that is declared for the recovery of costs of the following
  • Maintenance and cleaning of all street and public bins 
  • Maintenance of Council's Resource recovery Centre
  • Waste Education Initiaves across the municipality
  • Litter control
  • Visitor waste management 
  • Maintenance and servicing of all public place waste / recycle infrastructure 

Composting is the decomposition of waste organic matter (food and garden waste) into humus (dark coloured soil) which contains all the nutrients that were once part of a living plant or animal.

Compost benefits the environment by reducing the amount of waste that is transferred to landfill and improves the condition of soil which means it is great for use as a fertiliser on gardens.

Compost Bins
Compost Bins come in various shapes and sizes and you should visit a hardware store to decide which system best suits your needs.

Worm Farms
Worm farms are great for disposing of food scraps in units and houses with limited backyards and for lunch scraps at the office. Compost worms can eat up to double their body weight every day and their digestive process produces what is called ‘worm castings’ which is a great fertiliser for gardens. Water can be flushed through a worm farm to produce ‘worm juice’ which is also great for use on gardens.

For more information visit the Sustainability Victoria website.

Round them up, rinse them out, and run them in !
drumMUSTER is a state wide campaign, funded by a 4 cent per litre or kilogram levy on crop protection and animal health chemicals sold in rigid steel and plastic non-returnable containers. The levy pays for participating local Councils to establish collection centres to process the empty, cleaned containers brought in by farmers.

This enables all farm chemical users to dispose of their empty steel and plastic farm chemical containers and ensures that the used drums are correctly recycled and not deposited at landfill.

All drums must be correctly cleaned both inside and out (including caps and threads) and allowed to drain or air dry to ensure they contain no rinse water.

To alleviate the problem of delays being experienced at the collection centre, Maindample CFA, in conjunction with Mansfield Shire Council, operates a booking system on collection days. 

The schedule of drumMuster collection days for 2018 will advised in due course.


Residents wishing to find out more information to “round up, rinse out, and run in” their drums can visit the DrumMuster website or contact Council's Waste Management Unit.

Illegal Disposal of Waste
Waste disposed illegally puts tremendous pressure on local municipality resources and adversely effects the environment aesthetically and via contamination of ecosystems.

If you witness anyone littering in Mansfield Shire please contact Council or the Environment Protection Authority.

Waste Contacts

North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group (NEWRRG)
Ground Floor, Wangaratta Government Centre
62-68 Ovens Street
Wangaratta Vic 3677
03) 5722 9498
Website: http://www.nevrwaste.vic.gov.au

Environment Protection Authority
North East Region
27-29 Faithful Street
Wangaratta Vic 3677
03) 5720 1111
Website: http://www.epa.vic.gov.au

Sustainability Victoria
Urban Workshop
Level 28
50 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
1800 353 233
Website: http://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au

  • Cleanaway - 1800 125 325
  • Mansfield Shire - 03 5775 8555