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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 gives you a right of access to documents that Council holds.  However, some documents may be exempt from access and these exemptions are stipulated in the Act. The Act does not apply to documents which are available for a fee as part of a public register, or documents which are available for purchase. The Act and other information on Freedom of Information is available from Freedom of Information Online at www.foi.vic.gov.au

Council has produced an "at a glance" handout which provides a summary of Freedom of Information, together with all the necessary information and application form required to lodge an application.  This handout can be downloaded from the link to the right of this page, or by clicking here.

The Freedom of Information Commissioner has published additional resources to assist the general public with understanding the operation of the Act.These new resources include:

More resources and tools are available from the following link:


How do I make a request?
To make a request for access to documents pursuant to the Act, your request will need to be: 

  • in writing using the Application Form from the link to the right of this page 
    accompanied by a $28.40 application fee, and
  • provide sufficient information about the documents you seek.

Council's Freedom of Information Officer can assist you with your request if you are unsure about the information you need to provide.

Third Party Authority
Where an application is made by one party on behalf of another person / entity, a duly signed authority must be supplied at the time the application is lodged.  Failure to supply an authority may cause delay in finalising the application and the release of information.

Privacy Statement
Personal information supplied by you as part of your Freedom of Information Application will be used for processing your Freedom of Information Application.  Your information may be used in applying relevant provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 to your application.  It may also be used in transferring your request to other agencies if applicable, or in consulting with other parties in relation to your application.

Where do I send my request?
Forward your request in writing to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Mansfield Shire Council
Private Bag 1000
Mansfield Vic 3724

Or drop it in to the office:
33 Highett Street
Mansfield VIC 3722

When will Council respond?
Upon receipt of a valid application, it will be duly processed and a decision on a request for access to a document will be made as soon as possible, but not later than 30 days after the day on which the request is received.

Where an application for access is granted, costs may be incurred by you (in addition to the application fee).  These costs will relate to, amongst other things:

  • Search fees
  • Supervision charges
  • Photocopying charges
  • Providing access in a form other than a photocopy.
What if my request is refused?
In any instance where access is denied (or a decision deferred) to a document, rights of appeal exist to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (and in some cases, to the Freedom of Information Commissioner).  Where this is the case the applicant will be advised of the reasons for the decision and their rights of appeal.

For more information please contact Council's Governance Unit on (03) 5775 8555.