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Urban Street Tree Policy
This Policy will provide Council with clear objectives and updated practices when managing trees within the Shire’s urban areas. Maintaining the trees we have, and carefully planning our future plantings, will have a tremendous and positive influence on the future of our community.

Endorsed by Council - 21 July 2009

The purpose of the Urban Street Tree Policy is to provide a simple yet effective management approach for the long and short term future of street trees within the Mansfield Shire.

A structured plan for urban street trees is necessary in identifying our obligations to public safety, the environment, native fauna and the general amenity of Mansfield Shire’s urban areas.

Mansfield Shire is fortunate to have a diverse range of trees, including 100 year old Elms overlooking the central business district, as well as the relatively new plantings of the Botanic Park and beautiful natives throughout the whole Shire.

This Policy has been developed in consultation with the Parks and Precincts Advisory Committee and was endorsed by Council at its meeting of 21 July 2009.