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Local Laws and Regulatory Services

All persons living within a community must abide by certain guidelines or laws in order to ensure:

  • the wellbeing and safety of each individual
  • maintenance of a healthy natural environment for both current and future community members

Community local laws are used to keep the peace and harmony within the community.  They are statutory instruments made by local governments to regulate a broad range of issues within their communities.  Local Government local laws are developed independently and are tailored to meet the specific needs of the  community and are established to reflect community needs and ensure the good rule and government of the area.

Mansfield Shire Council has two local laws:

  • Community Local Law No. 1 - General
  • Community Local Law No 2 - Meeting Procedures and Common Seal

Community Local Law No. 1 - General 

  • Regulating and controlling uses and activities on Council land and roads so that the Council is aware of uses or activities
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment so that the community within the municipality can enjoy a quality of life that meets its expectations;
  • Provide safe and fair use and enjoyment of public places;
  • Ensuring the protection and enhancement of the amenity and environment of the municipality;
  • Providing a fair and reasonable use and enjoyment of private land; and
  • Ensuring a uniform and fair administration of this Local Law.

Community Local Law No. 1 - General 2008

Community Local Law No. 2 - Meeting Procedures and Common Seal

  • a) provide for the orderly conduct of Council meetings, Special Committee meetings and other meetings conducted by, or on behalf of, the Council where Council has resolved that the provisions of the Local Law are to apply;
  • b) provide procedures for efficient, fair and open decision making;
  • c) promote and encourage community participation in the system of local government by providing mechanisms for the Council to ascertain the community’s views and expectations;
  • d) regulate and govern the: 
        (i)  election of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the Chair of any Special Committee; 
        (ii)  administration of the Council’s powers and functions; 
        (iii)  use of the Common Seal; and
  • e) provide generally for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district.

Local Law No. 2 - Meeting Procedures and Common Seal 2016

Guidelines for Representation to Council meetings

Council encourages members of the community to be actively involved in Council meetings through:

  • presentations to Council to express gratitude, appreciation or to recognise a significant contribution to the Shire and its community;
  • presentations from Council to members of the public, groups and organisations to express thanks and to recognise their contributions to the Shire and its community; 
  • the receipt of joint letters/petitions; 
  • deputations from those with direct interest in any Item listed on the Agenda; and
  • the provision of up to 30 minutes of public question time at the end of each Council meeting.

Guidelines for representations to Council have been made under Clause 19.1 of Community Local Law No. 2 to assist Council, Council staff and members of the community to understand the various means through which members of the public can participate in Council meetings.

Guidelines for Public Participation in Council meetings