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Council's animal control responsibilities include domestic pets and livestock.  Council responds to stray and unauthorised livestock on roadways within the Mansfield Shire, and has within the municipality facilities for holding stray animals.

The Domestic Animals Act 1994 requires all dogs and cats over the age of 3 months living in the municipality to be microchipped and registered with Council.  It is also a requirement that the registration tag be worn at all times.

Registrations are an annual charge and must be renewed by 10 April each year.

If you have a new animal to register please ensure you have the microchip details with you. To claim a discount or concession, proof of sterilisation, registration with an approved breed society, concession card details, etc is required.

A resident must not keep more than 2 dogs or cats in a residential area without obtaining a permit. Council Officers will inspect the premises where the animals are to be kept to ensure they will not create a nuisance to neighbours, and that there is sufficient space to house the animals properly.

Council's Domestic Animal Management Plan aims to achieve a balance between the needs of pet owners and the needs of the rest of the community.  The Plan can be viewed here.

Domestic Animals

Pound Release Fee:  $170 (Business Hours)

NOTE: An additional sustenance fee of $28 per animal, per day also applies.

Domestic Animals Registration Fees - 10 April 2016 to 9 April 2017

Standard Fees  Cost 
Entire Dog  $140.00
Entire Cat  $140.00

Dogs   Cost 
*Desexed Dog  $35.00
*Entire Dog  $140.00
Dog over 10 years  $35.00
Dog kept for working stock  $22.00
Dog which has undergone obedience training which complies with the regulations as Prescribed by the Act  $35.00
Animal registered with approved organisation (VCA or FCA)  $35.00
Dog kept for breeding by a registered Domestic Animal Business  $35.00
Declared Dangerous Dog, Menacing Dog or Restricted Breed dog  $275.00

Dogs - Pensioner Concessions  Cost 
Concession Entire Dog  $70.00
*Concession De-sexed Dog (first registered prior to April 2007)   $17.50
Concession Dog over 10 yrs  $17.50
Concession Dog kept for working stock  $11.00
Concession Dog which has undergone obedience training which complies with  the Act  $17.50
Concession dog registered with approved organisation (VCA or FCA)  $17.50

Cats   Cost 
*Desexed Cat  $35.00
*Entire Cat  $140.00
Cat over 10 years  $35.00
Cat registered with approved organisation (VCA or FCA)  $35.00
Cat kept for breeding by a Registered Domestic Animal business.  $35.00 

Cats - Pensioner Concessions  Cost 
Concession Entire Cat  $64.00
*Concession Desexed Cat  $17.50
Concession cat over 10 yrs  $17.50
Concession cat registered with approved organisation   $17.50

*Note: The production of a Veterinary Certificate in relation to a desexed animal will be sufficient proof for a minimum registration fee under this category. Copy of Microchip Certificate or vet certification is required as proof of microchip.


    Sterilised Dog or Cat
    Certificate of sterilisation from the Veterinary Surgeon is to be presented with the application.
    If the certificate is unavailable, the animal(s) must be inspected by an Authorised Officer at the Municipal Office.

    Working Stock Dog
    Owners must be able to demonstrate to an Authorised Officer (if the case requires) the ability of the dog to work stock, before a concession fee is obtained. NOTE: Dogs kept for security purposes are NOT entitled to a concession under the working dog category.

    Change of Address and Deceased Animals
    Contact the Mansfield Shire Customer Service Unit should you change your address or if the animal becomes deceased during the period of registration.

    Dog and Cat Regulations
    All Dogs and Cats over the age of THREE months that reside within the Mansfield Shire MUST be registered. All Dogs/Cats being registered with council MUST be Microchipped prior to Registration

    Offence   Fine    
    Failure to register your dog or cat   $311
    Dog found wandering between sunset and sunrise   $311
    Dog found wandering at all other times   $233
    Your dog and cat must wear the registration tag provided at all times, to ensure the ownership of the animal can quickly be traced   $78 
    The owner of any dog which: rushes at, attacks, worries or chases any person or other animal  Up to $500 plus costs 
    Your dog or cat must not cause a nuisance    $78
    Not complying with a nuisance order $233