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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning focuses on supporting the growth in residential, commercial, industrial and Rural Living development within the municipality, including the preparation of structure plans.

Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) provides direction for development by outlining the particular characteristics of the Shire and identifies land use planning issues as well as setting out the objectives and strategies.


Mansfield Planning Scheme Amendment C39 - Heritage

Status - completed Jan 2018 

About the amendment

The Mansfield Shire Council adopted Amendment C39 to the Mansfield Planning Scheme at the 19 September 2017 Council Meeting and was approved by the Minister on 12 Dec 2017.

The land affected by the amendment is 32 heritage places in the Mansfield and Jamieson townships. These places are outlined in the Shire of Mansfield - Stage One Heritage Survey (link to document on right of screen).

The Amendment proposes to :

  • applies the Heritage Overlay to 32 places within the Mansfield and Jamieson townships which have been identified in the ‘Shire of Mansfield Stage One Heritage Survey (10 June 2015)’ as being of local heritage significance;
  • includes the Shire of Mansfield Stage One Heritage Survey (10 June 2015) as a reference document in Clause 21.04 – Heritage and Character;
  • makes correction of location name for one existing heritage place (HO35); and
  • clarifies the exemption for another heritage place (HO29).

The amendment will come into effect when notice is given in the government gazette.

If you have any queries, please ring 5775-8512 and speak to Council's Senior Strategic Planner Kathy Richardson.

Mansfield Planning Scheme Amendment C36 – Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

Status - In progress. Sent to the Minister for Planning to approve Jan 2018

About the Amendment

The Mansfield Shire Council has prepared Amendment C36 to the Mansfield Planning Scheme. The amendment will affect all land in the Mansfield Shire within a special water supply catchment listed in Schedule 5 to the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994. It proposes to implement the planning actions of the Mansfield Shire Domestic Wastewater Management Plan 2014 (DWMP) to better manage development that has the potential to affect water quantity and quality in special water supply catchments.

The Shire’s waterways provide a source for recreational pursuits and some supply the drinking water in Mansfield township. For the ongoing health of these waterways, as our population grows, it is imperative that we maintain high standards for wastewater dispersal and water supply from the land that feeds into them. There are two existing controls over much of the Shire that currently manage wastewater and water supply issues. This amendment will incorporate the latest science into revised planning controls to manage these issues. The amendment proposes to introduce a new local policy at Clause 22.04 and revise the existing Environmental Significance Overlays to apply to high and medium risk areas. (See panel report below)

The amendment was on public exhibition from April-June 2017. During this period submissions were received. At the council Meeting 19 September 2017, Council resolved to request the Minister for Planning to appoint an independent Planning Panel to consider the submissions and report back to Council with recommendations to progress the amendment. The Panel Hearing was held in November 2017 and the report was received on 15 Dec 2017. It was adopted by the council on 16 Jan 2018. It is currently with the Minister for Planning for approval.

If you have any queries, please ring 5775-8512 and speak to Council's Senior Strategic Planner Kathy Richardson or email Kathy.richardson@mansfield.vic.gov.au

C36 Panel Report December2017



Mansfield Township Approaches Planning Controls and Guidelines


Status - Submission Closed

The Township Approaches Planning Controls and Guidelines Study is a project that has been undertaken by Tract Consultants on Council's behalf. This project is Council's opportunity to ensure appropriate design outcomes along the four main approaches into Mansfield Township with regard to future development.

A set of draft documents has been provided by the consultants including a background report, a set of Design Guidelines, a Local Policy and a Design and Development Overlay. The guidelines and planning controls are anticipated to eventually form part of the Mansfield Planning Scheme. This will provide guidance to the development community and Council planners as to appropriate outcomes and community aspirations for the approaches. It will provide more weight in the planning scheme for the approaches in terms of Council requirements and decision making ability.

If you have any queries, please ring 5775-8512 and speak to Council's Senior Strategic Planner Kathy Richardson or email Kathy.richardson@mansfield.vic.gov.au

Links to the draft documents:

Mansfield Township Housing Strategy

Status - Submission Closed

Mansfield is experiencing growth in the housing market which brings with it different issues and can exacerbate existing ones.The VPA provided Council with a grant of $50,000 undertake a Housing Strategy.

Tract Consultants have provided Council with a draft set of documents for review.

Council seeks feedback from the community regarding the draft reports attached below.

Housing Strategy_final draft

Mansfield Housing Background Summary Report

Please provide your feedback to the documents via email to strategic.planning@mansfield.vic.gov.au or by letter to

Kathy Richardson
Senior Strategic Planner
Private Bag 1000
Mansfield VIC 3724

Feed back should be received by 2 Mar 2018