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Mansfield Shire Public Spaces Trading Policy

Mansfield Shire Council has had in place for a number of years a policy which relates to street trading in pedestrian zones, and in the main, focussed on Mansfield Township CBD.

Council, in discussion with business, decided that a policy review was required and that the policy should be expanded to incorporate Council owned or managed public reserves and include our outlying communities and villages.

The Public Spaces Trading Policy was initially endorsed by Council on 15 April 2014 and was reviewed and endorsed by Council on 21 July 2015.  It seeks to provide increased opportunities and clarity for premises based traders to trade in public spaces and partner with Council and other businesses to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment is maintained for pedestrians.

This Public Spaces Trading Policy 2015-17 also seeks to address, for the benefit of all businesses, the inherent value of, and use of, public spaces by itinerant traders.