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Submission to Water for Victoria Discussion Paper

Mansfield Shire Council prepared this submission in May 2016 in support of residents, ratepayers and visitors who value the critical nature of water, access to our lakes and rivers and the contribution they make on a social, environmental and economic basis to our destination’s sustainability.

Click here to download the Submission to Water for Victoria Discussion Paper

Water is fundamental to our environmental, social and economic health. Drought or flood - water is front of mind.

Coming off a period of El Nino, characterised by low rainfall and high temperatures and with a long term established pattern of climate change – water supply, equity, cost, demand, quality and surety become critical elements of water planning.

Council applauds the Victorian Government initiative to create a water plan and consult as part of the process. We note the key areas identified around:

 - Responding to climate change
 - Managing waterway and catchment health
 - Managing water for agriculture
 - Developing resilient and liveable cities and towns
 - Recognising and managing for Aboriginal values
 - Recognising recreational values
 - Strengthening water entitlement and planning frameworks
 - Realising the potential of the grid and markets
 - Focusing on jobs, economy and innovation

Our destination makes a significant contribution to the social, economic and environmental health of the state and water is fundamental to our sustainability.

Our key messages include:

  • Upstream matters
  • Address the supply side
  • Don’t underestimate the tourism card
  • Build economic resilience to changing water storage levels by funding projects such as the Lake Eildon Recreational Boating Facilities Improvement Plan
  • Water for ‘hot spots’ and ‘easy wins’ dissuade strategic planning
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and subsequent resourcing
  • Educate our water users
  • Release timing for win wins
  • Partnerships and collaboration are critical for destination sustainability