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Annual Report

Mansfield Shire Annual Report 2015-16

The Victorian Local Government Act 1989 requires all councils to present an Annual Report to the Minister for Local Government by 30 September each year. As well as meeting this statutory requirement, we see our Annual Report as a vital tool to keep residents, businesses, employees and potential employees, State and Federal politicians, peak bodies, community groups and organisations informed about our performance and future direction.

The Annual Report for 2015-15 has been prepared to cater for a wide readership including the general community, ratepayers, local businesses, visitors, investors, government agencies and other interested parties. The Report also provides Council staff with an overall picture of the way we have performed and how we have contributed to the community during the year. 

The Mansfield Shire 2015-16 Annual Report was endorsed by Council at its meeting of 18 October 2016 meeting.  A copy of the Report can be viewed via the links below. 

Under Section 131 of the Local Government Act 1989, Council's Annual Report must contain:

(a)  a report of its operations during the financial year;
(b)  an audited performance statement;
(c)  audited financial statements;
(d)  a copy of the auditor’s report on the performance statement prepared under section 132;
(e)  a copy of the auditor’s report on the financial statements under Part 3 of the Audit Act 1994;
(f)  any other matter required by the regulations.

Where to get a copy
In an effort to reduce the impact on the environment, we encourage our readers to view a copy online from the links below.  Limited copies of the Annual Report have been printed and may be obtained by contacting Council’s Customer Service Unit on (03) 5775 8555.

Annual Reports from previous years may be viewed via the download links to the right of this page.


Annual Report 2015-16 - full version

Annual Report 2015-16 - Part 1 - Overview

Annual Report 2015-16 - Part 2 - Our Shire and People

Annual Report 2015-16 - Part 3 - Our Performance

Annual Report 2015-16 - Part 4 - Corporate Governance

Annual Report 2015-16 - Part 5 - Our Finances

Annual Report 2015-16 - Part 6 - Acronyms and Definitions