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Growing Inclusion
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A brief overview of

The Growing Inclusion Project assists people with disabilities who have decided (been self directed) to become involved in community horticulture and the community garden. The aim is to create a sustainable project that is an inclusive community owned ship, steered by everybody and providing ownership.

(Logo designed by Guy Burton)

Movie Presentations

Active involvement is achieved by:-

Growing Inclusion Leadership team

Growing inclusion leadership mt 30th may 2012 community gardenComprising of people with disabilities, community members and some support as requested.

Regular Monthly leadership meetings:

Visual Agenda
Visual agenda created by people attending regular monthly meetings.
(Examples can be found on this website.)
These meetings are open to the community and provide an environment where participants can express what they want to do how they would like to contribute. The inclusive nature of these meetings has a creative and productive team turn discussions into plans.

Presentations and invitations:

Presentations and invitationsCommunity and businesses support this project by inviting participants to become involved in horticultural and sustainability projects. As a result, this establishes: 
  • Participant engagement 
  • Self directed choices, being listened to and supported through positive relationship. 
  • Opportunities to gain skills and training. 
  • Potential for employment.
  • Potential for earnings from selling produce from the gardens.
Researching, resourcing and planning the project

A visit to the Alexandra community gardenA visit to the Alexandra community garden and making a movie.
To View movies click link below.

Mind-Sprout Community GardenA visit from Mind Australia Mind-Sprout Community Garden Inspiring Ideas

Community Garden LaunchThe Community Garden Launch – Participant, Ben Webster, shares the plans of the community garden, and invites others to contribute with a view to joining the garden.

Photo Story
View the photo story of Growing Inclusions journey

Here is a short list of some of our outcomes to date.
  • Participants clearly demonstrated their contribution to the community
  • Volunteers work weekly with the Mansfield Shire Field Services staff
  • Skill development and training
  • Project Logo development
  • Media coverage
  • Creation of a children’s park in the Mansfield Botanic Park
  • Establishment of community garden
  • Relationships with community groups
  • Recruitment of volunteers to support the processes
  • Relationship and support from the Alexandra Community Garden collective and Mind Australia Mind-Sprout community garden.
  • Movie presentations, Photo Gallery, Photo story, Growing Inclusion Journey
  • On-going volunteer work in the Mansfield Botanic Park
Growing Inclusion and the community garden.  (Approx 16 mins) 

A self directed movie that features participants wishes and the planning of the community garden from their own perspectives and experiences.

To see Community Garden Website click this link: