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Road Management Plan

The purpose of the Road Management Plan is to establish procedures and systems for the management of public roads. Council is a road authority under the Act. As such, it is responsible for carrying out the management functions on local roads i.e. all roads within the council area, other than main roads such as VicRoads arterials.

Under the Act, a road authority shall carry out its road management functions based on policy and operational objectives. The Act requires Council to set appropriate standards for the discharge of its road management duties based on available resources. It also requires Council to monitor its performance in delivering the functions. The plan also includes details of the management system that Council implements to inspect; maintain and repair public roads for which it is the coordinating road authority or the responsible road authority.

The plan also specifies priorities adopted by Council after due consideration of available resources. It also includes any matters that a relevant Code of Practice specifies should be included in a road management plan.


In accordance with Section 54 of the Road Management Act 2004, notice is given that Mansfield Shire Council, at its meeting on 15 August 2017, adopted an amended Road Management Plan.

The revision was conducted to meet the statutory requirement that Council review their Road Management Plan every four years. Changes to the previous Road Management Plan relate to the inspection intervals, response times and specific extent of Council responsibility across the road network.

An amended Road Management Plan has been developed from the review, and Council endorsed the amended Road Management Plan (Version 4.3.1) at its Ordinary Council Meeting of 15 August 2017.

Relevant documents can be downloaded via the links provided below:

Any enquires about the review can be directed to Mr Neil Ogilvie, Council’s Engineering Manager, on telephone (03) 5775 8555 or email council@mansfield.vic.gov.au