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Community-minded citizens urged to make a stand

May 07, 2012

Council Elections 2012

With elections for Victoria’s 79 councils coming up in October, community-minded citizens are being urged to think about standing for Council.

Many people in our local community could make really good Councillors, and now is the time to understand what’s involved.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; male or female; working, studying or retired. If you’re over 18 and on the electoral roll for the Mansfield Shire, chances are you’re eligible to stand for Council.

Becoming a Councillor is a great hands-on way to serve your community and positively influence future directions and outcomes for the municipal area.

Being a Councillor is a rewarding role, but can also seem daunting. Councillors make decisions on a broad range of issues affecting people’s lives, and this involves balancing different opinions and weighing up community priorities.

If you’re interested in your local community, willing to learn and participate, and consider yourself passionate, motivated and committed, now is the time to think about nominating.

Critical to the role of a councillor is the ability to act with honesty and integrity, to make transparent decisions and be accountable to the community that elected you.  Anyone considering standing for Council should gather as much information as possible over the coming months about what to expect, and start planning their election campaign.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to visit the Mansfield Shire website, attend a public information session, go to a Council meeting, and speak with current Councillors or the CEO.

The Municipal Association of Victoria’s “Stand for Council” website can help candidates to determine if they’re eligible to nominate. It also offers campaigning tips and information about the day-to-day activities of a Councillor.

Local government elections are Victoria’s largest democratic event, attracting two and a half times the number of candidates that stand for State elections.

The strength of our democracy is in people’s participation, and diverse representation helps to reflect the diversity of our communities. Think about standing for Council today.

Prospective Candidate Information Sessions

Thinking about becoming a Councillor? Mansfield Shire Council and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) will conduct a candidate information session on Tuesday, 5 June from 6.30pm to 9.00pm at the Mansfield municipal office, 33 Highett Street.

The aim of this session is to provide prospective candidates and interested members of the community with information about Mansfield Shire Council, its operation and strategic direction with a focus toward the role of the Councillor and the Council. The basics for nomination and being a candidate will be explained. A further session will be conducted by the VEC Returning Officer for the Election just prior to the opening of nominations. Details of this session will be advised at a later date.