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Have your say - Mansfield Shire Sport Facilities Strategy survey

May 10, 2017

As you may already be aware, Mansfield Shire Council has recently appointed specialist planning consultant Insight Leisure Planning (ILP) to assist with the development of a Sports Facility Strategy to guide the effective provision, management and development of community sports facilities over the next ten years.

Council recognises the health and wellbeing benefits that can be derived from participation in a range of sports and physical activities.  Sports facilities facilitate physical activity participation opportunities that can contribute to individual health and wellbeing as well as broader positive community outcomes, including social connections, community belonging, identity, social gathering and community resilience.

Council is facing a number of significant challenges in relation to existing sports facilities and recreation reserves throughout the Shire, including ageing infrastructure, increasing maintenance and renewal costs, changing community needs, expectations and physical activity participation preferences. 

The Sport Facilities Strategy is therefore an important planning project that will guide future sport facility investment and provision priorities for Council and ultimately contribute to broader community life in Mansfield Shire.

Council is keen to ensure all community based sporting clubs and groups as well as individuals have an opportunity to provide input into this important planning project. Council has developed two on-line community surveys in order to encourage broad community input into the planning project.  

1. A survey specifically for SPORTS CLUBS. One survey per club should be completed and we encourage the Secretary of each club (or relevant officer) to complete the survey on-behalf of your club. Access to the sports club survey can be found at the following link:

2. A survey specifically for individual COMMUNITY MEMBERS which all residents are also encouraged to complete. We encourage you to forward a link to this survey to all your club members. The community survey can be found at the following link:


In addition to the surveys, written submissions, comments or suggestions for the Sports Facility Strategy are now invited. Submissions do not need to be overly sophisticated, a simple letter or email with dot-points is acceptable.  

As an example, submissions may wish to consider: 

· What is working well in terms of sport facilities in the Shire? 
· What could be improved? 
· Are your needs currently being met? If not, what is missing?  
· Any other comments, suggestions or feedback in relation to possible future use, development or improvement of sports facilities across the Shire.  

The on-line surveys, written submissions or suggestions should be received by 9 June, 2017. Submissions can be emailed or posted to:

Dan Purcell
Sport and Recreation Officer
Mansfield Shire Council
Private Bag 1000
Mansfield VIC 3724

Email: dan.purcell@mansfield.vic.gov.au

More information about this project can be obtained from Dan Purcell, Sport and Recreation Officer, Mansfield Shire Council on Tel: 5775 8529 if required.

Please monitor Council’s website at http://www.mansfield.vic.gov.au/councilservices/communityservices/communitydevelopment/sportandrecreation.aspx (under the Sport & Recreation ‘Projects’ sub heading) in order to review the latest information and updates about this project as it progresses over the coming months.