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Green stickers and you

June 07, 2017

It's a dirty job... but someone's got to do it.

We've recently been working with other north east councils to collect and sort through a number of household waste and recycling bins in an effort to capture data to assist with future service improvements and targeted recycling education campaigns.

Council auditors were out and about early last week placing bright green stickers on random bins across the municipality as a way of providing identification for our designated audit collection truck. The collections were then sorted as part of the audit. All information collected is confidential, and the project prohibits the public reporting of specific details and personal information relating to individual households involved in the audit.

To capture accurate data during the audit phase, it is important residents continue the way they dispose of their waste and recycling, either correctly or incorrectly, and not change their behaviour during the audit which is why households in audit areas were not advised prior to the audit occurring.

For more information, contact our Waste Management Officer, Rebecca Kirley, on 577 58555.