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December 01, 2017

Mansfield Shire Council advises not to attempt to drive or walk through floodwaters under any circumstances.

Roads and floodways subject to inundation may become impassable without any notice.

Please be aware that roads subject to inundation include:

  •     Ailsa Street at Rowe & Murphy Street
  •     Barwite Road
  •     Greens Road
  •     Greenvale Lane
  •     Hearns Road at the bridge
  •     High Street at Apollo Street
  •     Highett Street  near Lovick Ave
  •     Howes Creek Goughs Bay Road
  •     Long Lane
  •     Malcolm Street
  •     Mansfield Woods Point Road at Piries (VicRoads)
  •     Mansfield Whitfield Road / Botanic Park (VicRoads)
  •     Mt Battery Road
  •     Mt Buller Road / Mansfield Woods Point Road  (VicRoads)
  •     Olivers Road
  •     Old Tolmie Road
  •     Piries Gough Bay Road
  •     Reardons Lane

Flood ways include:
  •     Blue Range Road  
  •     Buttercup Road
  •     Byrne Lane
  •     Delatite Lane
  •     Graves Road
  •     Hells Hole Creek Road
  •     Mitchells Road
  •     Ogilvies Road
  •     O'Halloran Road
  •     Rifle Butts Road
  •     Shamrock Lane
  •     Withers Lane
Please advise Council of any flooded local roads that do not have warning signs - phone 5775 8555

SES advises:
  • never walk, ride or drive through floodwater
  • never allow children to play in floodwater
  • stay away from waterways and stormwater drains during and after heavy rain
  • keep well clear of fallen power lines.
For emergency assistance call SES on 132 500. For flood information visit the SES website on https://www.ses.vic.gov.au/home

Current emergency information is available at http://emergency.vic.gov.au

Current State road and traffic information is available on the VicRoads website http://traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au/

For the latest weather forecast see http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/forecasts/
River height and rainfall information are available on the Bureau of Meteorology web site at http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/flood/

Flood Warnings and Flood Watches for Victorian catchments are also available on: Telephone Weather Service 1300 659217.